As Telegraph Cucumber is a Genoese plant (female only, no fertilisation required) she has always kept the Bartons' on their toes. She, as all females, is constantly changing and temperamental and never boring.

As food fashion and technology has changed Island Horticulture has always been a leader. The farm was in the top three finalists of the South Island Farmer of the Year. With a further expansion just completed will continue to be customer driven for years to come.

With the change back to healthy unprocessed food, Telegraph Cucumber holds her head up high in our increasingly busy lifestyle. She is a true fast food, packed with calcium, zinc and magnesium - all nutrients we need more of.

Serving tips

When serving a small meal, e.g. quiche, dress the plate by placing several slices of cucumber on the side, top with hummus, feta or sundried tomatoes. The options are numerous. Stunning food in seconds, and the kids love it!

The cucumber comes in to her own again when serving drinks. A platter of slices with different coloured toppings goes down a treat and takes less than five minutes to prepare. Try shrimp, basil, feta or smoked salmon. Rosea is the correct wine match. It is not advisable to remove the skin as a lot of the nutrition is in there.